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Meeting & Consulting

The clearer what the customer would like to do, the easier it is to share and the best proposals we can make.
If you come to our office, experienced printing director will help you with your print design while viewing the various samples we have cultivated so far.

consultation on design production

confirmation of plan contents

requests promotion tools / advertisements / product design / opening announcement
design taste / presence / absence of shooting

confirmation of design development

Poster, leaflet, package, book, homepage logo

confirmation of schedule, budget

consultation on printing product

selection of paper

color, texture, compatibility with design and paper, paper size, printability

selection of printing and processing

compatibility with design, number and color of ink used, effect of special processing

confirmation of plate making process

presence / absence of image correction and color proofing, judgment of effect / method

for books and pages consultation related to binding specifications

number of pages, pagination, and overall composition

Planning & Estimate


We will make an estimate based on the content of the meeting.
In particular, the printing estimate (printing design) assumes the finish, it may take some time.


We will proceed with the production, paying attention to quality, budget, and schedule management.
Please note that if you are a first-time customer, you may be required to pay in advance.


rough design creation

Collaboration with external creators. As needed designers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, etc.


confirmation ~ correction work

final approval

making final deta for printing

purchasing paper ~ cut to the proper size

operation work

block copy data ・image quality check ・process imposition・
image correction instruction ・plate separation ・technical judgment for colors

sample creation

color proof, bundle sample, white dummy etc.

to the printing factory

light off, off, letterpress, silk, rotary press etc.
prior instruction, confirmation to the factory

instructions of technical direction & processing to factory thomson, foil stamping, surface processing, bookbinding, bag making, etc

internal work finishing, inspection ~ delivery form, delivery arrangement