Our company was founded in 1927 by Seiji Tsukiyama in Minami-ku, Osaka.  We started from letterpress printing of English invoices for large trading companies.  At that time, we have had the largest collections of western letters of typographic print in Osaka.  After our facilities were burned down by the Osaka air raids in 1945, we moved to the highest ground of Osaka and gradually developed our art printing business while outsourcing to trendy artists such as designers and painters in those days.  This area called “Uemachi Plateau” in Osaka is very breezy and many small printing factories were formed in this area at the beginning of the printing industry.  All printing machines are different from light offset to rotary press, depending on the size and thickness of paper, etc.  Machines are also different, further processing plants such as cutting, Thomson, foil pushing, surface finishing, bookbinding … etc are all divided and specialized.

  As ownership of the business was passed to the second generation under Keishiro, printing industry became more complex.  To adapt to the changing landscape, we gradually began manufacturing higher quality products.  In the beginning of 1980s, we changed our strategy from being an in-house printing operation to become a “printing company with no factory”.  While being supported by many factories with high technology, our focus is now on direction work, and has continued business transactions with dozens of trusted companies.

  We have collaborated with outside creators and established a position in the art printing business.  Our company, since its founding have been hiring designers to focus on in-house production.  As a result, half of our employees now are dedicated to planning and designing in our creative division.